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most entries are locked. 
 nothing much on new years eve. i spent it eating half a tub of ben and jerry's while watching phin play an online game. no countdown what-so-ever. we knew its 2010 when we heard the fireworks. and i woke up at 1pm today and have no human contact so far. i sang and talked to myself the whole day and had lunch at 5pm. my mom would be so proud! and right now im waiting for the ribs in the oven to cook. in the mean time, i'll carry on with the big bang theory marathon.

academics aside, nothing much was achieved in 2009. maybe its my self-diagnosed short term memory loss, but nothing big happened last year. and in some aspects, i turned into a sloth plus im pretty much oblivious to what is happening around the world. i wished i have read more. so maybe that will be my resolution. its realistic and achievable. 

also, future posts will be lock up for friends or private. so if there are any avid readers to this page (which i doubt in the first place), better things to do then read my ramblings. 

specially dedicated to mercer 1LT2 team :)

hello from edinburgh! finally i get some free time to update. the picture taken is part of the university; its very own (man-made) loch. i was walking by after settling some stuff with the bank (its so convenient that they have a branch on the campus!) and decided to capture the scenery. autumn just started; you can see the leaves are starting to turn yellow. the weather is not so bad, yet. the sun was out today, which is highly unlikely here, because it rains almost every day!

fasting is not so bad now. i think i was really weak for the first few days in the UK because daylight here is 16 hours, longer compared to malaysia. the shelves in my room are stacked with brahims, all kinds of maggi pastes, curry powder, coconut milk powder..you get the idea. my mom's here since saturday so she's been cooking for me :) bought some halal meat and chicken so i think i'll be fine.

my room's a little bit messy and feels a little less homey, so don't expect pictures anytime soon. the hall i'm staying in is quite convenient, there's a bus stop right in front of my room; the school is just five minutes walk away, and the student union is just at the back of the halls (there's starbucks over there :P). i've met some of my neighbours on my floor, just a few 'hello's and smiles. most of them are guys and they're always in groups! so i've resorted to stay and tidy up my room or visit shams once in a while.

anyway, that's it for now. hopefully more to come :) ramadhan kareem everyone!

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